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What can be treated?

Although the ancient acupuncturists have been treating many diseases with acupuncture successfully for over 3000 years, in New Zealand it is a relatively modern. ACC covers accident related pain syndromes and in fact, many other insurance policies also have acupuncture as a treatment option.


baby-massage2Most treatments for children will be using Tuina (Medical massage techniques). Other tools are herbs, acupuncture and moxabustion, and most children love the treatments and respond very well.

In chinese medicine many childhood diseases can be successfully treated with various acupuncture methods.

Emotional /energetic aspects can also be treated.

An area of interest is treating teenagers, because Jane sees great results and understands this can be a difficult and stressful life stage.

My Personal Belief …

“The shorter the duration of a problem, the easier it is to rectify.  I believe that if we can get to these children at the time of crisis, this would prevent them from developing a mental illness that could last a lifetime and affect their families and society around them. I think this is an area where acupuncturists can be of real benefit. It is my belief that acupuncture as an intervention can be used for children and adolescents under emotional stress”

The parties likely to participate, would be adolescents already suffering from difficult emotional issues which have come to the attention of teachers, school deans and youth workers..

“Acupuncture can be surprisingly effective in helping teenagers through a difficult time” (Julian Scott, 2009).


Many of the symptoms that are considered normal in Western Medicine are very well treated within the Traditional Chinese Medical (TCM) modality. With the emphasis directed to helping promote regular pain free periods. Fertility can be a natural  flow-on side effect.

Pregnancy Symptoms are also managed very well: morning sickness, varicose veins, depression and anxiety, swollen limbs, hip, back and pubic sympysis pain, insomnia to name some more.  Acupuncturist Jane Anderson has been working in the Hutt Hospital Acupuncture Clinic since 2009.


Men are often the last to come for a treatment, they hope that things will just get better! But why wait … Nip it in the bud!

Quitting smoking? Addictions? Comfort eating?  Acupuncture can be used to help you!

At Acupuncture Works, we use the NADA protocol which is a system designed in the 1970’s for the treatment of drug addiction. “I have been having some really good results with patients … it really seems to help a lot” says Jane.

Not only to reduce cost to you, but it actually does work better in a group climate. We can accommodate up to 5 people comfortably. If there is more interest, Jane can come to your workplace, group or club. .For online bookings, book Nada 15 minutes, but allow 1 hour for treatment.

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