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Acupuncture Works

About Us

Caring For Your Health


To live your best life possible, you need to feel as good as you can be in both mind and body. 

That is why at Acupuncture Works we take a whole health approach to our treatments.

Natural Health Solutions


Our goal is to provide health care using principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine combined with modern research to diagnose health problems, and then use manual therapies and natural health remedies to promote and enhance the body’s natural healing response.

Empowering You


We care about your ongoing wellbeing and want to provide you with guidance, knowledge and tools you need to achieve the best possible outcome for your health and wellbeing goals. We are here to help you achieve optimal wellness.

Our Clinicians


Meet Jane

Jane is a passionate natural health practitioner and has been interested in healing and herbs since she was a young child. The study and practice of  Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)  has been a life changer for Jane, who was previously an electrician. 

Jane believes the vast history of TCM and the different aspects that are taken into account to help diagnose and promote health, are as relevant today as they were 1000s of  years ago. Jane particularly likes to get to the root of the problem and works with her clients to empower them to health solutions that are everlasting. Jane is a registered acupuncturist (Member of Acupuncture NZ), founded Acupuncture Works in 2009, worked in multi-disciplinary clinics and has worked as an acupuncturist for Fertility Associates. 

Jane also provides treatments and supervises students in the Hutt Hospital acupuncture clinic where she began as a volunteer in 2010 and is now employed by the NZ School of Acupuncture and TCM.


Meet Nicola

“The most rewarding thing about being an acupuncturist is effecting many lives, creating quality of life for people and giving them a tool to use to help themselves”

Nicola has had 5 years as a resident acupuncturist in the cruise line industry. Extensively treating chronic pain and arthritic conditions as well as many others like digestion, insomnia and mental emotional. Nicola believes her successful treatments are due to the added beneficial experience of treating a vast range of demographically different people on-board and having had limited time to correct conditions. Throughout the 5 years Nicola consistently performed public seminars and demonstrations on the benefits of acupuncture and particularly became involved in the importance of controlling inflammation as the foundation of many conditions.

Nicola is a member of Acupuncture New Zealand with upkeep of the latest information and education on Traditional Chinese Medicine. Nicola is also an ACC treatment provider.


Meet Leonie


Leonie is an emerging acupuncturist with experience in one-on-one treatments for acupuncture, cupping or moxibustion, and also group-style acupuncture treatments. Leonie started out as a student in biomedical science and eventually combined her scientific knowledge with traditional knowledge and gained skills in traditional Chinese medicine diagnosis. Leonie is developing an interest in the area of traumatic brain injury (TBI) and also an interest in sleep medicine.

As part of her nature, Leonie enjoys sharing her skills as a volunteer and so, her passion to help others, along with a desire to bring traditional Chinese medicine to those in need, has lead her to establish the Wellington Acupuncture Community Clinic in Wellington. Leonie holds a licence as an acupuncturist with Acupuncture New Zealand and is also an intern at Hutt Hospital Maternity Unit in Lower Hutt. When Leonie is not working, she likes to read or spend time growing food or improve her rock climbing skills at her local indoor climbing wall.